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Card Sets and Card Backs

   All card sets and card backs have been grouped into types by size and shape. So to download and use card backs you should have one or more card sets of the same type. Each backs file consists of 10 card backs of the same theme.

   Please note: all additional card sets and card backs (i.e. not included in the game setup) are available for registered users only and assigned to the card games version 5.00 and later.

   To install additional card sets and backs:
  • choose card set or card backs image;
  • download the appropriate exe file;
  • run it to unpack and install;
  • display the Preferences dialog of the game program, click on the Card Sets or Card Backs tab and select a new image!

Type 1

   Card Sets:

Standard Standard
Included in the game setup
Alex Design Alex Design
c1alex.exe (130 Kb)

Copyright 2001 Alexander Dmitriev
Welcome to Alex Gallery

   Card Backs:

Geometric Geometric
Included in the game setup
Nature Nature
Included in the game setup
Paintings Paintings
Included in the game setup
Christmas Christmas
b1christmas.exe (97 Kb)

Images from BVS Solitaire Collection home page
Used with permission
Lighthouses 1 Lighthouses 1
b1lighthouse1.exe (160 Kb)

Images from Bob Wetzel
Used with permission
Lighthouses 2 Lighthouses 2
b1lighthouse2.exe (160 Kb)

Images from Bob Wetzel
Used with permission

Type 2

   Card Sets:

Empire Empire
Included in the game setup
France France
Included in the game setup
Classic Classic
c2classic.exe (238 Kb)

   Card Backs:

Clothes Clothes
b2clothes.exe (204 Kb)
Clouds Clouds
b2clouds.exe (164 Kb)
Collections Collections
b2collections.exe (216 Kb)
Mosaic Mosaic
b2mosaic.exe (221 Kb)
Old Postcards Old Postcards
b2oldpostcards.exe (211 Kb)
Stamps Stamps
b2stamps.exe (207 Kb)
Tissues Tissues
b2tissues.exe (185 Kb)
Walls Walls
b2walls.exe (196 Kb)

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