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Net Checkers Awards

Tucows 4-Cows Rating!

BrotherSoft Best Download Rating!
Net Checkers

Net Checkers

Net Checkers screen shot

   With Net Checkers you can play American checkers (English draughts) with friends and family on the same computer, via email or online over the Internet or local network. You can choose between different computer opponents (checkers robots), skill levels and utilize various checkers engines (Zebra checkers engine is included). And it does not matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or professional player. With Net Checkers you can learn, practice and master your checkers playing skills.

   Net Checkers provides you with three game tables that easy to change. You can quickly setup and initiate the game session, whether online or offline, with computer or human opponent. Moreover, you can play several checkers games simultaneously, for example, one online against the human opponent and one offline against the computer.


Net Checkers screen shot
   Net Checkers is very "option rich" and contains a number of great checkers features. It provides time control (conventional clock, incremental clock and special modes) and ability to limit checkers engine decision making time without limiting yours. The game supports click-and-drag or click-and-click move options, board rotation and interactive move list. You can copy and paste the game with the help of clipboard, you can save it (with your comments, if necessary) in PDN format. It means that you can play via e-mail with other checkers fans all over the world who have checkers software that supports this format - your opponents don't have to buy Net Checkers and you don't have to buy software they use for playing checkers.
   Other convenient options are animation of the match, highlighting last move, IP address detection, several boards to choose from, different sound and color schemes, customizable cursors, and so on.

Free Download Net Checkers

Version 6.01 - September 2007 - netcheck.exe (744 Kb)

Don't know how to download and install? Read How to Download, Unzip Files and Install tutorial.

Register Net Checkers

   You can play and evaluate this game free of charge over a trial period of 10 days. After that period this game is available to play only 10 minutes each session. If you want to use this software freely a registration fee of $14.95 is required. When you register, you will receive your personal registration code by email, no further files need to be downloaded. Register your copy by secure online credit card transaction, phone, fax or mail.
   If you don't know what type of license you need see How to Select the License Type. Please note NetIntellGames Internet Player Zone support is not included in the current version of Net Checkers.

Comments For Our Registered Users

   If you registered a previous 5 version of Net Checkers please note that it is fully compatible with new one. It means you may play network games between these programs. You may also use the both versions the same time if you need previous version and install new one into the default directory (ie directory which setup offers). To start the program after setup completed push the Start button, point to Programs, point to Net Checkers 6, and then click Net Checkers. When you do not need the old version just uninstall it. Please don't confuse, new version is defined as Net Checkers 6.

Checkers Engines

   Net Checkers works only with CheckerBoard-compatible checkers engines.

   CheckerBoard by Martin Fierz is a graphical user interface for checkers. It displays a checkerboard on the screen, accepts moves made with the mouse, and loads and saves game files in Portable Draughts Notation format. CheckerBoard serves as a front-end for different services, including checkers engines. We recommend you to use the following checkers engines with Net Checkers.


   Want to learn game strategies and rules? Check out these books! Bookmark us, so you can remember where you saw that Checkers book! These books are shipped from Amazon.

  • cover Win at Checkers by Millard Hopper.
    The book actually presents, in simple terms, a lifetime of checker experience by one of the greatest players of all time. Individual chapters discuss the basic principles of the game, experts' shots and traps, how the beginner loses, standard openings, locating your best move, the end game, opening "blitzkrieg" moves, ways to draw when you are one man less your opponent, two and three move restrictions, and the standard rules of checkers. In other words, here is a book that treats checkers as a game of skill, not just as the casual recreation or "kid's" game most people feel it is.
  • cover Starting Out in Checkers by Richard Pask.
    Checkers (known as Draughts in the UK) is perhaps the world's best known board game with its history being traced back more than 3,500 years. The attraction of the game is that, despite the great simplicity of the rules, highly complex play can result. In this user-friendly introduction to the game,...
  • cover How to Win at Checkers by Fred Reinfeld.
    More tips on improving your Checkers game, from the experts, as well as rules of the game, strategy tips and hints, and suggestions for playing a winning game.
  • cover Play Winning Checkers: Official American Mensa Game Books by Robert W. Pike.
    Gr 8 Up-A book for both beginning and advanced players. Pike points out the benefits of this multigenerational, all-inclusive, interactive game and recommends it to improve concentration and the ability to deal with complex situations. Early pages discuss the history of this ancient game...
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