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Free Cribbage Java Applet

   Cribbage is a Java applet, therefore you need a Java 1.1 enabled browser in order to play it, for example Netscape 4.06+ or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01+ or AOL 5.0. The applet files have size of about 100 kb. Estimated download time: T1 = 2 sec, ISDN = 15 sec, 28.8 = 40 sec. If you play this game first time, while applet is loading you can read the online guide to learn how to do the various game actions using your mouse. It explains how to select and move cards, which are necessary to play the game. You will hear ring sound when applet downloads completely.
   We will assume that you know the rules of Cribbage. If not, you can read Cribbage rules on this page in the new browser window.
   Please note: this free applet is for fun only. If you prefer to play comfortable: offline against the computer opponent, with your relatives or colleagues via local home or company network, online against your Internet friends - just download and enjoy Net Cribbage.

*** Launch Cribbage Java Applet ***

Best Players
World best player is SuperMeg.
He/she reached 112 points.
Best player of this month is Vacancy.
He/she reached 0 points.
Best player today is Vacancy.
He/she reached 0 points.
Best Player of Last Month

The winner of Nov 2019 is Vacancy.
Our congratulations, Vacancy! You have reached 0 points, try more!

Top 30 Cribbage Results of This Month

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How to ...

  • Begin the game
    Please enter your name in the text field, choose score limit and push the Start button.
  • Discard the cards to the crib
    When it's your turn to discard the cards, use the mouse to click on each card you wish to discard, then push To Crib button on the field. The cards you selected will be discarded and the play begins. To deselect a card, click on it again.
  • Discard the cards during the play
    When it's your turn to discard the card, use the mouse to click on card you wish to discard. The card you right selected will be discarded to the table. When you may not discard selected card its image will be highlighted a few time. You must choose another card.
  • Confirm the results of scoring
    To confirm the results of scoring for combinations of cards in hands after play is over please push the Ok button.

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