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How to Select the License Type

   To remove all shareware restrictions you should register the software, i.e. get your personal registration code with license. Then you should enter it and get your login number and password for access to the NetIntellGames Internet Player Zone.

   You can select one of two possible licenses:

   Personal license

   Personal license lets YOU (and only you) use our software on one computer (i.e. a single CPU) at the same time. It means you may install the software onto your desktop and notebook computers, but use only one copy at the same time. Therefore please note: network games are possible between players with the different personal licenses only!
   Each personal license owner get personal login number and password for access to the Internet Player Zone.

   Family license

   If you would like to play network games with your relatives within your family you can order family license (instead of two or more personal licenses). Family license gives you permissions to play network games on all home computers via a LAN.
   But choosing the family license please note: ALL family members get ONE common login number and password for access to the Internet Player Zone.

   You can always upgrade from personal to family license paying an additional fee.

   NetIntellGames Internet Player Zone is a place where registered players can add their listing to contact with other players, publish results of the games and watch on-line and off-line games ratings.
   NetIntellGames Internet Player Zone is available for Net Cribbage, Net Gin Rummy and Net Spite and Malice.

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